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2011 Seminars & Colloquia

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Haiyan Wang, Kansas State University

"Nonparametric Variable Selection in High Dimensional Data for Classification"

Aiyi Liu - National Institutes of Health

Optimality of Group Testing in the Presence of Misclassification

Sijian Wang - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Pathway-based ovarian cancer survival analysis

Michael Newton - University of Wisconsin Madison


Peter Qian - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sudoku Based Space-Filling Designs

Xiaoquan Wen - University of Chicago

Bayesian Analysis of Genetic Association Data, Accounting For Heterogeneity

Hui Jiang - Stanford University

Statistical Issues in High-Throughput Profiling of Isoform-Specific Gene Expression”

Qunhua Li - University of California, Berkeley

Measuring Reproducibility of High-Throughput Biological Experiments

LONGHAI LI - University of Saskatchewan

High-dimensional Classification Using Hierarchical Bayesian Polychotomous Logistic Regression Models

Rui Song - Colorado State University

Penalized Q-learning for Dynamic Treatment Regimes

HONGZHE LI - University of Pennsylvania

” Optimal Sparse Segment Identification with Applications in Copy Number Variation Analysis”

HAO WU - Emory University

" Modeling intensity data from ABI/SOLiD second-generation sequencing”

DAVID DUNSON - Duke University

” Sparse Nonparametric Bayesian Learning from Big Data”

XIAOYUE MAGGIE NIU - Penn State University

"A Covariance Regression Model"

JAN MANDEL - University of Colorado Denver

Morphing and wavelet EnKF data assimilation

MICHELLE LACEY - Tulane University

” Statistical Modeling of Methylation Patterns in Ovarian Carcinomas”


” D-optimal Design of Supersaturated Experiments with Suggestions for Analysis”

HYONHO CHUN - Purdue University

"Gene regulation network inference with joint Gaussian graphical models and pathway enrichment analysis”