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2013 Seminars & Colloquia

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2013 events in the Penn State Department of Statistics

Matthew Reimherr - University of Chicago

”Association studies with functional phenotypes”

Subhadeep (Deep) Mukhopadhyay - Texas A & M University

"United Statistical Algorithms for Small & Big Data"

BENJAMIN SHABY - University of California, Berkeley

"Hierarchical processes for spatial extremes"

EPHRAIM HANKS - Colorado State University

” Circuit theory, random walks, and model-based inference for landscape connectivity”

MLADEN KOLAR - Carnegie Mellon University

” Exploring dynamic complex systems using time-varying networks”

LINGZHOU XUE - Princeton University

” Regularized Learning of High-dimensional Sparse Graphical Models”

JOSEPH RICHARDS - University of California at Berkeley

”Astronomical Discovery and Classification for the Synoptic Survey Era”

ZHOU ZHOU - University of Toronto

”Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelation Robust Structural Change Detection”

RUBEN ZAMAR - University of British Columbia

Ensembling Classification Models Based on Phalanxes of Variables with Applications in Drug Discovery


Bayesian Computation Using Design of Experiments-Based Interpolation Technique

Dai-Trang Le - Iowa State University

“Enhancing Student Learning Experience in Quantitative Research Methods and Introductory Statistics Courses with Data Visualization Software, Gapminder and JMP”

WENQING HE - University of Western Ontario

” Statistical Analysis of Complex Structured Data - Some Challenges and Methods”

WEI PAN - Division of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota

” A network-based penalized regression method with application to genomic data”

DENNIS COOK - University of Minnesota

” Envelopes and Partial Least Squares Regression”

EDO AIROLDI - Harvard University

'Valid inference from non-ignorable network sampling designs'

BOAZ NADLER - Weizmann Institute

An introduction to Diffusion Maps, Applications to Spectral Clustering, Manifold Learning, and more


” Cell Cycle Transcriptional Regulation: Promoter Occupancy and Transcript Dynamics”

SHUJIE MA - University of California, Riverside

” Varying index coefficient models for nonlinear interactions”

ABRAM KAGAN - University of Maryland

” On the Nile Problem by Sir Ronald Fisher”

ROGER W. HOERL - Union College

” Big Data: A Challenge for Statistical Leadership”

LUKE KEELE - Penn State University

” Geographic Boundaries as Regression Discontinuities”

HONGKAI JI - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

” Differential principal component analysis of ChIP-seq”

CHENG YONG TANG - University of Colorado Denver

” A Joint Modeling Approach for Longitudinal Studies”

VASILEIOS MAROULAS - University of Tennessee

”Simulated annealing methods for improving particle filters”

DEBASHIS GHOSH - Penn State University

” Two methods for modelling gene expression and copy number expression data”

RODERICK J. LITTLE - University of Michigan

CLIFFORD C. CLOGG MEMORIAL LECTURE "Survey Sampling: Past Controversies, Current Orthodoxy, Future Paradigms"

RODERICK J. LITTLE - University of Michigan

Partially Missing at Random and Ignorability for Inferences about Parameter Subsets with Missing Data

LI MA - Duke University

A nonparametric process for multi-resolution adaptive shrinkage

QING MAI - Florida State University

Semiparametric Sparse Discriminant Analysis in High Dimensions

ERIC VANCE - Virginia Tech

Proposal for a group meeting with you and your students interested in learning how to use video

ERIC VANCE - Virginia Tech

LISA 2020: Creating a network of statistical collaboration laboratories

SAM KOU - Harvard University

Fast analysis of dynamic systems via Gaussian emulator

TRACY KE - Princeton University

Covariance Assisted Screening and Estimation

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