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An introduction to Diffusion Maps, Applications to Spectral Clustering, Manifold Learning, and more
14 March 2013
327 Thomas Bldg.
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In many scientific fields, there is a need to analyze high-dimensional data. One common assumption is that despite being
high-dimensional, the data have some "simple" underlying structure. If the data are assumed to reside in a low-dimensional linear subspace then this leads to the popular principal component analysis (PCA) method.

In this talk, we will present an introduction to diffusion maps - a framework for analyzing data that have a low-dimensional, but possibly non-linear, intrinsic structure (be it manifold, or a union of clusters), or even non-Euclidean data that are encoded as a graph.

We will present relations and connections to several popular algorithms in machine learning as well as some limitations of this global approach.

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