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WENQING HE - University of Western Ontario

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” Statistical Analysis of Complex Structured Data - Some Challenges and Methods”
21 February 2013 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
201 Thomas Bldg.
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Existing statistical methods are commonly challenged by newly emerging issues and various features which are associated with complex structures or high dimension of data. For instance, in gene expression data analysis, the dimension of genes is in a huge magnitude relative to a fairly small sample size; this makes it impossible to directly apply ordinary statistical methods for data analysis. Censored data and measurement error, on the other hand, occur constantly in practice, and they present considerable complications in inferential procedures.

These challenges have spawned a great amount of research methods. The fundamental facets to addressing these issues include sensible model-building strategies, valid inference methods, and feasible computing techniques. In this talk, I will discuss some modeling strategies and analysis methods. The discussion will be particularly focused on survival
data and high dimensional genetic data. Some examples will be examined in detail.

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