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LYNN LIN - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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A Novel Statistical Framework to Characterize Antigen-specific T-Cell Functional Diversity in Single-cell Expression Data.
27 January 2015 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
201 Thomas Bldg.
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I will talk about COMPASS, a new Bayesian hierarchical framework for characterizing functional differences in antigen-specific T cells by leveraging high-throughput, single-cell flow cytometry data. In particular, I will illustrate, using a variety of data sets, how COMPASS can reveal subtle and complex changes in antigen-specific T-cell activation profiles that correlate with biological endpoints. Applying COMPASS to data from the RV144 (“the Thai trial”) HIV clinical trial, it identified novel T-cell subsets that were inverse correlates of HIV infection risk. I also developed intuitive metrics for summarizing multivariate antigen-specific T-cell activation profiles for endpoints analysis. In addition, COMPASS identified correlates of latent infection in an immune study of Tuberculosis among South African adolescents. COMPASS is available as an R package and is sufficiently general that it can be adapted to new high-throughput data types, such as Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) and single-cell gene expressions, enabling interdisciplinary collaboration, which I will also highlight in my talk.

The streaming video of Lynn Lin's talk is available at: https://streaming.psu.edu/media/?movieId=27741

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