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Stochastic Modeling and Computational Statistics, Fall 2012

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August 30 Debashis Ghosh Multivariate Multiple Testing Methods, with applications to finding gene fusion in TCGA data
September 6 Pavel Krivitsky Fitting Dynamic Network Models to Static Network Data
September 13 Won Chang Models for High-Dimensional Spatial Data using Spatial Basis Functions
September 20 Dave Hunter Scalable statistical estimation methods for large, time-varying networks (Joint work with Duy Vu, Arthur Asuncion, Marcel Salathé, Padhraic Smyth, and Shashank Khandelwal)
September 27 Prabhani Kuruppumullage Bi-clustering with EM algorithm
October 4 No meeting
October 11 Guido Montufar Scaling of Model Approximation Errors and Expected Entropy Distances
October 18 Xiaoyue (Maggie) Nue Fast Inference for Latent Space Network Models using Case-control Likelihood Approximation
October 25 Marco Ferreira EMCMC methods for optimal Bayesian adaptive design for random function estimation
November 1 Josh Goldstein Modeling and Computation for a Spatial Point Process
November 8 No meeting
November 15 Le Bao Incremental Mixture Importance Sampling
November 22 No meeting (Thanskgiving)
November 29 Seonjin Kim Efficient estimation for time-varying coefficient longitudinal models
December 6 Murali Haran Inference for Spatial Random Effects Models