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Song Xi Chen, Peking University

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Air Quality Assessment with Spatial and Temporal Adjustment to Meteorological Confounding
25 January 2018 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
104 Thomas Building
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Motivated by the task of quantifying the change in the underlying pollution concentration from of the meteorological confounding over a 5180 square kilometer region around Beijing, we propose a spatial and temporal adjustment for the PM2.5 and other pollutants with respect to the meteorological conditions to remove the meteorological confounding. The adjusted mean pollution concentration is shown to be able to capture the change in the underlying emission rather than that of the weather condition. Estimation of the adjusted mean is proposed together with asymptotic and numerical results. We apply the approach to conduct assessment on six pollutants for Beijing region from Years 2013-2016.

This is a joint work with Shuyi Zhang, Bin Guo, Hengfang Wang and Wei Lin

Academic History Ph.D. in Statistics, 1993, Australian National University.M.Sc. in Statistics and Operations Research, 1990, Victoria University of Wellington.M.Sc. in Mathematical Statistics, 1988, Beijing Normal University.B.Sc. in Mathematics, 1983, Beijing Normal University.


Research Interests: Inference for High Dimensional Data; Environmental Modeling; Inference for stochastic processes. Econometric Theory; Financial Econometrics; Macro-Economic Modeling;Analysis on Missing data; Multiple System Surveys for US Census. Empirical likelihood.




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