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Statistical Consulting Center

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Assistance regarding research design (experiments or surveys), sampling design
Advice on appropriate software for data analysis
Statistical analysis of data
Assistance with analysis interpretation  of analysis
Referral to statistical specialists when required

Available Services:
Stat-on-call Free short term consulting. If you are a member of the PSU community you can
            schedule a one-hour appoint for statistical guidance and assessment of your project
            needs. Please complete the Collaboration Request form.

These projects are always fee for service, and the work exceeds 2 weeks or
            is to be conducted over an extended period of time.
            Fee structure

Consulting Center Personnel:
Jim Rosenberger
Maggie Niu
Kirsten  Eillertson
Mengzhao Gao
Han Hao
Marina Tempelman
Kathy Smith

Associated Faculty:
Ephraim Hanks, Durland Shumway, Bruce Lord, Andy Weisner, Scott Roths

Additionally, we also have approximately 20 graduate students who assistant us each semester.