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Penn State Graduate and Schreyer Honor College Student Services

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No student project will be accepted until Fall 2014/15 Semester. Thank you for your interest in the Statistical Consulting Center.

Students are limited to ONE no cost, short-term consulting project per semester.  If you require additional services please view our fee for services information page.

PSU Graduate Student Services

This free service consists of two meetings.

Initial Meeting to explain your project's goals and statistical challenges in detail.

Please be sure to bring the following material(s) with you:

1. Research proposal (the most efficient way to analyze your needs).
2. Pilot study description of data (if available) Please review Database Guidelines for more information.
3. Survey instrument and experiment design description.
4. Summary of any previous attempts to analyze data.

Final Meeting will be a presentation and review of the completed project recommendation and any statistical reports. The final meeting is usually scheduled three weeks after your first meeting.



  • Available Fall, Spring, and Summer (first session) semesters.
    Appointments are scheduled two weeks into the semester and stop two weeks before the end of the semester
    Limited availability in summer, first session only.
    • Appointment preference is given to those who have not recently received short-term consulting and to those whose questions match our expertise.
    • The Center typically reviews between 25-30 projects per semester allowing 3 to 4 weeks working time for each project.  Expected wait time varies, please allow at least 4 weeks for initial scheduling.


    Consulting Limitations

    • We provide advice, not analysis of data.
    • We do not review completed theses.


    **To request an appointment, please fill out the Request Form**