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Yiyun Zhang - Biostatistician at Novartis Oncology.

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Recent Statistics graduate, employed as Senior Principle Biostatistician at Novartis Oncology.

Yiyun Zhang

Responsible for all statistical tasks of individual clinical trials, including clinical trail design/planning, analysis plan, reporting activities, plus statistical consultation during the running phase.  Track clinical trial/allocated project activities and milestones.

Contribute to the submissions to seek market authorization for new compounds/indications, including analysis planning, answering health authority questions.

Also participate in statistical projects in the department, including research projects and internal guidance documents.

My job involves a lot of interactions with people of different background (e.g. programmers, clinicians, professors, marketing associates, health authority reviewers, etc.) I feel it’s a very rewarding career which broadens your view beyond statistics.


Summary of your research experiences at PSU:

I worked with Prof Runze Li on variable selection. My main research topic was the regularization parameter selections for the penalized likelihood methods.


Why you chose Penn State:

The Statistics Department at Penn State is a very large department which offers a variety of classes covering many areas of statistics. This cannot be offered at many other institutes, including some of the leading, while relatively compact, statistics programs in the US. After my graduation, I am always grateful for the complete training I received here at Penn State.

The consulting class represents closely to what a statistician will face in the real world, which is a rare opportunity for the student to have a peek of the post-graduate work.


Other information you might wish to share:

- Do take advantage of the complete program that is offered. Take as many as classes as possible.

- Do learn to spend your time efficiently in the consulting projects. Listen to your clients and understand what they want before starting your work. This is exactly the same for your job post-graduation!

- Go to the gym to play sports as much as possible. Once graduated, it will be so difficult to find such excellent facilities free of charge.

- Do eat at the Big Noodle restaurant – it is as good as any Chinese noodle shop in the New York/New Jersey area but much less expensive!

- Do enjoy the ice cream at Creamery!!


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