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Yuexiao Dong - Assistant Professor at Temple University.

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Recent Statistics graduate now at Temple University teaching both undergraduate and graduate statistics.

Year in Program: 2004

Yuexiao Dong

Year of Graduation: 2009, PhD in Statistics

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Temple University

Teach both undergraduate and graduate students; try to get papers published in good journals.

I am still nervous before going to a class.

I start to supervise a PhD student this summer. It is a huge responsibility, very exciting and challenging at the same time.

Research experiences at Penn State:

I started working with Prof. Bing Li on sufficient dimension reduction in 2006. Half  a decade later, I am still working hard on sufficient dimension reduction and try to get  remotely as good as Prof. Li.


Why you chose Penn State:

Probably not the best answer, but an honest one. I was lucky to get that year’s fellowship. No tax and no TA/RA duties, not a bad combination!


Other information you might wish to share:

Qing (a.k.a. Karen) Zhu and I had a baby girl this May. Her name is Athena and she is learning a lot of new things every day. She gives us so much joy and it’s amazing to see her smile.

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