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Graduate Minor in Statistics

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Provides a broad prospective in the fundamentals that will demonstrate capability in statistics and add depth to study in many disciplines.

Pillars of buildingOptions

The Department of Statistics has approved three (3) options for a Graduate Minor in Statistics:

Option 1: STAT/MATH 414-415 and at least three (3) 500-level courses from the department.

Option 2: Five (5) or more courses totaling fifteen (15) credits at the 500-level from the department. One of STAT 464 or STAT 463 may also count towards the fifteen (15) credits.

Option 3: Four (4) 500-level courses totaling twelve (12) credits from the department and one (1) additional course of three (3) credits approved by the Department Head or Graduate Studies Chairman.

Note: STAT 500 will not be counted toward the minor in statistics under any option. For all options, a 3.5 GPA is required in the courses to be counted towards the minor. Courses should be taken in-residence, but ONE online course could be counted toward the minor. Additional online courses will be counted toward a minor only if petition prior to taking the course.

What are the Requirements?

Completion of one of the options listed above, with the specified grade point average, and the signature on the application form (below) constitutes approval of the Minor in Statistics. Further note that doctoral students must have a statistics faculty for their graduate minor advisor as the Outside/Minor Field Member on their thesis committee.

Graduate Minor Form

Application Procedure

Complete the application form (with all the signatures except for the Head of the Graduate Program in Statistics) and submit it to Melanie McKinney in 326 Thomas Bldg. Once the application is approved by the Head of the Graduate Program in Statistics, the form will be sent to the Graduate School. Note that the application form can be submitted before the student completes all the required coursework. The application can list a set of proposed courses, which could be adjusted during the length of study as needed. The minor will be awarded at the time of completion of your primary degree if all the requirements have been satisfied.  Further note that doctoral students must apply for the minor prior to establishing the doctoral committee and prior to scheduling the Ph.D. comprehensive examination; post-comps submission maybe considered, but will require a special memo from the student’s major program.

For additional information on the Graduate Minor programs please view: http://bulletins.psu.edu/bulletins/whitebook/minors.cfm