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This information is provided to assist you in choosing your course of study at Penn State. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your academic adviser. If you do not know who your adviser is, please check with your department's undergraduate office.

Interested in becoming a Statistics major?  Answers to most general questions about a Statistics major, minor, prerequisites, and more can be found by reading:

Advising General Information

For advising information please contact Katie Holt at  

Summer 2019 appointments at 323 Thomas Building:

To schedule an appointment please email


Eberly College of Science Formsmontage of students in Statistics

Forms commonly used by Eberly College of Science Students can be found at:  Registrar's Student Forms Index

  • Please consult with your academic adviser if the form you are looking for is not listed.


Undergraduate Bulletin for Statistics 


University Course Help


Advising Links


Course-Credit Help



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