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Research position available in the Statistics Department and the faculty members associated with that position

Faculty Name and Affiliation    

Current Research Positions Available

Murali Haran

Statistics in Climate Science: develop statistical methods and computational algorithms to study past, present and future climate based on observational data and models of climate. 
Topics in Infectious disease modeling: develop statistical models for studying the spread of infectious diseases.
* Possible funding available.

Dennis Pearl


 Statistics Education Project
  • Evaluation of the use of songs and cartoons in teaching statistical concepts in on-line and face-to-face courses.  Student(s) would be involved in data management and data analysis of the results of a randomized experiment to take place at Penn State.

Statistical Phylogenetics Projects:
  • This project involves developing and applying new methods to incorporate non-molecular data to specify a prior for Bayesian molecular analyses that produce a distribution of possible evolutionary trees for a set of molecular sequence data.
  • Non-stationary models for estimating evolutionary relationships. In this project students will develop and analyze a new test for the validity of the stationarity assumption in phylogenetics. They will also collaborate on and apply a new model of molecular evolution that allows for the amino acid distribution to vary with the level of site conservation.
  • Successful coursework in probability at the Stat/Math 414 level and a working knowledge of R are required.

Andy Weisner         

Statistical Uses and Applications in Sports.
Examples: player evaluation, legal considerations, probability outcomes, social impact and economic/marketing analyses.