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Join the Stat Department Shiny Apps Pilot Program

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The purpose of this pilot is to evaluate the potential of a Shiny Server to positively impact the teaching and learning experience at Penn State. Students, faculty, and staff from the Department of Statistics are invited to participate.

Shiny @ PSU Stat


The Department of Statistics welcomes you to join the Shiny Apps Pilot!

What is Shiny?

The Shiny library, developed by RStudio, allows R programmers to develop web applications entirely in R, without requiring any HTML, Javascript, or CSS, (although those can all be used to extend the functionality of your apps). The R language is predominantly used among statisticians and other research scientists and is widely used for data analysis. To learn more about Shiny, visit shiny.rstudio.com.

How Will the Shiny Pilot Work?

Access will be granted to a select group of users initially, with a full release planned shortly after depending upon user feedback and demand. Applications are currently being accepted at: http://goo.gl/forms/2DJMO88BSj.

The University is not liable for, and the user assumes the risk of, inadvertent loss of data or interference with files resulting from the University's efforts to maintain the privacy, integrity and security of the University's Computer and Network Resources. This means it's probably not the best idea to store the sole copy of your thesis here. It should be used for experimental educational projects only.

We will be testing the stability of our server and ask that you do not upload or process large datasets for the time being (up to 100Mb). If you would like to request that an additional R package be installed to support your Shiny work, please submit a request at http://goo.gl/forms/uMgeynqbde or e-mail Bob Carey at rpc5102@psu.edu.

All users must adhere to the University Policies.

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