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Pat Buchanan receives the C. I. Noll Award for Excellence in Teaching

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The C. I. Noll Award is presented annually to an outstanding faculty member within the Eberly College of Science. Nominations are accepted from alumni, faculty, and all students. Faculty may also nominate themselves or another faculty member. The award is designed to recognize a faculty member who has had a positive impact on students. One award will be given to a tenure-track faculty member and one award will be given to an instructional teaching faculty member or lecturer.

Pat Buchanan

I teach because I believe that everyone has the capacity to learn.  While at times this may seem like a very daunting task, as our understanding continues to grow with regard to how students best learn, this becomes much more of a reality. These are exciting times to be a part of education in any discipline. 

Since 2000, my primary role has been to teach large classes of Statistics 200. I have devoted so much time and energy to this introductory course because it gives me the best opportunity to impact students who are mostly from nontechnical majors and will only take one statistics course while at Penn State.  I want my students to have a positive experience even though I will only get to know a small portion of them by name.  In broad strokes, I hope to encourage students to be lifelong learners.

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