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Amal Agarwal

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418 Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-3230


  1. Dual Degree (B.Tech.+ M.Tech.) in Engineering Physics with Minor in Statistics
  2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay
  3. August 2014


I am currently a second year graduate student in this department. I come from Ahmedabad, one of the largest metropolitan cities in west India.

Selected Publications

"Bayesian approach of nearfield acoustic reconstruction with particle filters", MR Bai, A Agarwal, CC Chen, YC Wang. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 133 (6), 4032-4043.

Research Interests

High-Dimensional Statistical Learning, Machine Learning, Bayesian Analysis, Statistical Computing, Statistical Applications in Business Analytics, Recommendation Systems, and Engineering. 

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