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Ge Zhao

Ge Zhao

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417 Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802
Email: gzz13@psu.edu
Phone: (814) 865-3192


Selected Publications

Ge Zhao, Yanyuan Ma. (2016) ‘Robust nonparametric kernel regression estimator’. Statistics and Probability Letters, Volume 116, 72-79

Shanshan Qin, Jianzhou Wang, Jie Wu, Ge Zhao. (2016) ‘A Hybrid Model Based on Smooth Transition Periodic Autoregressive and Elman Artificial Neural Network for Wind Speed Forecasting of the Hebei Region in China’, International Journal of Green Energy, Volume 13, 595-607

Zhongyue Su, Jianzhou Wang, Haiyan Lu, Ge Zhao. (2014) ‘A new hybrid model optimized by an intelligent optimization algorithm for wind speed forecasting’, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 85, 443–452.

Yuanyuan Wang, Jianzhou Wang, Ge Zhao, Yao Dong. (2012) ‘Application of residual modification approach in seasonal ARIMA for electricity demand forecasting: A case study of China’, Energy Policy, Volume 48, 284–294.

Shuangyi Zhao, Jing Zhao, Ge Zhao, Wenyu Zhang, Zhenhai Guo. (2010) ‘Effective Wind Power Density Prediction Based on Neural Networks’, 2010 International Conference Multimedia Technology (ICMT), 1-4.

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