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Jordan Alexander Awan

Jordan Alexander Awan

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418 Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-2314


  1. - M.A. in Mathematics, Brandeis University, 2016
  2. - B.S. in Mathematics, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 2014

Selected Publications

Gaskill, C.S., Awan, J.A., Watts, C.R., Awan, S.N. (2016) “Acoustic and Perceptual Classification of Within- sample Normal, Intermittently Dysphonic, and Consistently Dysphonic Voice Types.” Journal of Voice, Volume 0, Issue 0.

Awan, S.N., Awan, J.A. (2013) “The Effect of Gender on Measures of Electroglottographic Contact Quotient.” Journal of Voice, Volume 27, Issue 4, 433-440. 

Honors and Awards

  • Stephen B. Brumbach Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • GAANN Fellowship
  • MAA Outstanding Student Poster Award
  • France-Allison Presentation Award
  • MAA Outstanding Student Presentation Award
  • Board of Governors Academic Tuition Scholarship

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