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Nicholas  Anthony Rios

Nicholas Anthony Rios

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  1. Master of Science in Statistics (December 2017), Montclair State University
  2. Thesis: "Prediction Intervals for Functional Data.”
  3. Bachelor of Science in Statistics (December 2014), Summa Cum Laude, University of Delaware


I am currently a first-year student at Penn State University. I am from a very small town called Haledon in New Jersey. When I am not studying or working, you can probably find me playing games on my computer, having a board game night with friends, or out drinking coffee. I am very excited to be here, and I look forward to the many opportunities that I will get in the near future to expand my knowledge and skills. 

Research Interests

While I am interested in many topics in the field of statistics, I am currently most interested in functional data analysis, predictive modeling, and longitudinal data analysis. I have also done some design of experiments work in the past.

For those who are interested, click here for a link to my Master's Thesis. 

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