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Nikolas Siapoutis

Nikolas Siapoutis

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418 Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802
Email: nzs30@psu.edu


  1. • PhD Statistics, Pennsylvania State University, USA (in progress)
  2. • MSc Statistics, Pennsylvania State University, USA (2019)
  3. Thesis: “Mean Shrinkage Estimators in Hilbert Spaces”
  4. Advisor: Professor Bharath K Sriperumbudur
  5. • BSc Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus, Cyprus (2016)


Nikolas Siapoutis joined the Department of Statistics at Penn State University in 2016.  After spending two years as a second lieutenant for the National Guard of Cyprus, he attended the University of Cyprus, where he obtained a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics in 2016 and graduated among the top students.  Over his time at the University of Cyprus, he got a solid training in many different areas of mathematics like analysis, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, numerical analysis and applied mathematics.  After being awarded a graduate fellowship and assistantship from Penn State University, he is moving here to further work on his interests in mathematical statistics and theoretical machine learning as well as exploring the applications of Artificial Intelligence in solving real-world problems.  Alongside research, he is especially interested in travelling and experiencing different cultures and people.

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