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Sidharth Agrawal

Sidharth Agrawal

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217 Hosler Building

University Park, Pennsylvania 16802
Email: sid@psu.edu


  1. PhD in Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State (2017-Present)
  2. Master of Applied Statistics, Penn State (2018-Present)
  3. MS in Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State (2017)
  4. BS in Mining Engineering, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India (2010)


I am pursuing concurrent degrees at Penn State - a doctoral degree in the Energy and Mineral Engineering and a masters degree in Applied Statistics.

'Conclusions and inferences in any scientific study without statistical evidence have little meaning' - A sentence that inspired me to explore the world of statistics and its applications. I use statistics to develop statistical models to address the challenges faced by the energy industry.

Research Interests

Application of statistics in evaluating different health and safety policies in the energy industry using data mining and statistical modeling tools 

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