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Xuening Zhu

Xuening Zhu

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Health and Human Development Building
University Park, PA 16801


  1. 2017 - Present, Research Associate, Department of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  2. 2013 - 2017, Ph.D. in Economics, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, China

Selected Publications

Zhu, X., Pan, R., Li, G., Liu, Y., and Wang, H. (2017), “Network vector autoregression”, Annals of Statistics, 45, 1096-1123.

Zhu, X., Huang, D., Pan, R., and Wang, H. (2016), “An EM algorithm for click fraud detection,”
Statistics and Its Interface, 9, 389-394.

Cai,W., Guan, G., Pan, R., Zhu, X., and Wang, H. (2017), “Network linear discriminant analysis,”
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 117, 32-44.

Research Interests

Social Network Analysis, Spatial Data Modelling, Search Engine Marketing

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