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2015 Shiny Contest Winners

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We are proud to announce the winners of the first ever Shiny Contest!

The following participants have created exceptional apps to promote the learning of elementary statistics concepts:

First Place

  • John Ensley and Meredith Bartley — Confidence Intervals on Means

Honorable Mentions

  • Dhanushi Wijeyakulasuriya and Trinetri Ghosh — Central Limit Theorem
  • Mauricio Nascimento and Amal Agarwal — Distribution of Sample Mean
  • Changcheng Li and Zhangxiong Xu — Interpreting Normal QQ Plots
  • Debmalya Nandy and Monia Ranalli — Snapshot of Statistical Inference: Point Estimation, Interval Estimation, Hypothesis Testing

How Winners Were Chosen

Judges evaluated apps based on:

  • CONTENT - how well does the app fit the category and support learning a statistical concept. (10 points)
  • USABILITY - how intuitive is the app to use. (5 points)
  • AESTHETICS - how simple yet effective is the design. (5 points)
  • ACCURACY - is the output or actions generated accurate (5 points)
  • DOCUMENTATION - does the documentation allow for repeatability or extension? (5 points)


Contest winners have been given the opportunity to revise their apps based on feedback from our judges. Once revisions have been submitted, we will provide access to the live projects and source code.