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2014 Seminars & Colloquia

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Keri Lock Morgan - Duke University

"Rerandomization to Improve Covariate Balance in Experiments"

Keri Lock Morgan - Duke University

"Using Simulation Methods to Introduce Inference"

Brian Reich - North Carolina State University

"Policy optimization for dynamic spatiotemporal systems"

Piercesare Secchi - Politecnico di Milano Italy

” Spatial prediction for Hilbert data”

Candace Berrett - Brigham Young University

” Hyperspectral Image Analysis Using a Bayesian Nonparametric Model”

Garvesh Raskutti - University of Wisconsin

Learning Bayesian networks based on sparsest permutations

Jessi Cisewski - Carnegie Mellon University

Far away and just as long ago: Visualizing the Intergalactic Medium using the Lyman-alpha forest

Philip Ernst - University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Statistics

Multiple Collection Estimation of Population Size: A Generalization of “Capture-Recapture”

Bala Rajaratnam - Stanford University

”Methods for Robust High Dimensional Graphical Model Selection”

Veronica Berrocal - University of Michigan

“Assessing exceedance of ozone standards: space-time modeling of fourth highest ozone concentrations”

GARY CHAN - University of Washington

Marginalizable mixed models for categorical and survival data

HONGYUAN CAO - University of Chicago

Analysis of the proportional hazards model with sparse longitudinal covariates

LEK-HENG LIM - University of Chicago

Learning subspaces of different dimensions

SALLY MORTON - University of Pittsburgh

Professionalism - What Is It, and Why Is It Important? A Conversation with Students

SALLY MORTON - University of Pittsburgh

A Statistician’s Life in Policy and Politics

DENNIS PEARL - The Ohio State University

PEA SOUP: Radical Change in Small Steps

YANYUAN MA - Texas A & M University

”Estimation, Inference and Efficiency in Dimension Reduction”

PETER CRAIGMILE - The Ohio State University

Shape-constrained Semiparametric Additive Stochastic Volatility Models

MICHAEL DEGIORGIO - The Pennsylvania State University

Composite likelihood methods for detecting natural selection

VADIM ZIPUNNIKOV - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

From humans to monkeys and back: statistical analysis of physical activity patterns in humans and primates

NICOLETA SERBAN - Georgia Institute of Technology

Profiling Utilization in the Medicaid System from Large, Highly Sensitive Patient-level Claims Data

ANNIE QU - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Weak Signal Identification and Inference in Penalized Model Selection

JANE-LING WANG - University of California Davis

Functional Data Analysis: Old Methods New Theory

JOHN LIECHTY - Penn State University

Which Firm Characteristics Predict Stock Returns and When? A Hierarchical Bayesian Variable Selection Approach

KATHRYN ROEDER Carnegie Mellon University

A method to exploit the structure of genetic ancestry space to enhance case-control studies

CHRIS WIKLE - University of Missouri

Feature Space Reduction via Dimension Expansion of High-Dimensional Functional Time-Series Covariates for Prediction


Monitoring and Improving Surgical Outcome Quality

JEFF MIECZNIKOWSKI - University of Buffalo

Empirical based statistical methods for the analysis of RNA-Seq data A method to exploit the structure of genetic ancestry space to enhance case-control studies

DONNA COFFMAN - Penn State University

Machine Learning Methods to Estimate Propensity Scores in Causal Mediation Analysis