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Chao Du University of Virginia

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Intrinsic Noise in Nonlinear Gene Regulation Inference
17 September 2015 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
201 Thomas Building
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Cellular intrinsic noise plays an essential role in the regulatory interactions between genes. Although a variety of quantitative methods are used to study gene regulation system, the role of intrinsic noises has largely been overlooked. Using the Kolmogorov backward equation (master equation), we formulate a causal and mechanistic Markov model. This framework recognizes the discrete, nonlinear and stochastic natures of gene regulation and presents a more realistic description of the physical systems than many existing methods. Within this framework, we develop an associated moment-based statistical method, aiming for inferring the unknown regulatory relations. By analyzing the observed distributions of gene expression measurements from both unperturbed and perturbed steady-states of gene regulation systems, this method is able to learn valuable information concerning regulatory mechanisms. This design allows us to estimate the model parameters with a simple convex optimization algorithm. We apply this approach to a synthetic system that resembles a genetic toggle switch and demonstrate that this algorithm can recover the regulatory parameters efficiently and accurately.


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