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WHITNEY ZIMMERMAN - Penn State University

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Enhancing Online Introductory Statistics Instruction by Implementing Principles of Cognitive Learning Theories
01 April 2015 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
327 Thomas Bldg.
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Many instructors find it challenging to provide effective instruction that maximizes student learning for all of the students enrolled in their course. In this seminar, Dr. Zimmerman will overview various instructional techniques that can help instructors enhance their online course materials. The techniques Dr. Zimmerman will discuss are all rooted in theoretical and empirical evidence of cognitive learning theories, and she will provide a brief overview of this evidence in the seminar. Further, Dr. Zimmerman will discuss the development of a short video and online practice problems that incorporated some of these principals.  Before concluding, she will review practical tips and suggestions for how instructors can implement these principals into their online introductory statistics instructional materials.

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