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We offer two distinct programs of study for our graduate students. We also offer two additional dual degrees that can be obtained in conjunction with a degree in Statistics. Students may also pursue concurrent MS degrees in statistics or a related field, while students from other disciplines may consider obtaining a graduate minor in statistics.  Applications for our Ph.D. program are due January 7th each year, while applications for our MAS are due by February 1st.

Doctorate in Statistics

Our Ph.D. in Statistics offers advanced exploration and investigation of the theory and applications of mathematics and statistics. Designed as a five year degree, graduating students work across a wide range of fields, including in academia, government, tech, finance, biotech, and everything in between. Those interested in statistical theory may pursue an academic career in research or teaching or choose to work in a dedicated research lab. Those focusing on statistical methodology or applications may pursue an array of careers in government or industry. All students admitted to our Ph.D. program are given full financial support through teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or fellowships.

Master of Applied Statistics (MAS)

The Master of Applied Statistics is intended as a professional degree for those aiming to work in government or industry. The program teaches students about statistical methodology and applications. Unlike the Ph.D., there is no research component and no financial support is provided.

Dual Degree in Social Data Analytics (SoDA)

Social Data Analytics (SoDA) is the integration of social scientific, computational, informational, statistical, and visual analytics approaches to the analysis of large or complex data that arise from human interaction. SoDA merges social science and data science to improve our ability to learn from social data. The Penn State SoDA Program is the first of its kind in the world, and offers both doctoral and undergraduate degrees. For information about the dual Ph.D. in Social Data Analytics, please visit the graduate section of the website at Social Data Analytics.

Dual Degree in Operations Research (OR)

Operations Research is the use of scientific methodology in the formulation, analysis, and solution of problems in decision making. It draws on techniques from many fields, including economics, mathematics, and engineering. Students with a strong interest in operations research techniques can apply for an Operations Research Dual-title degree, such as a Dual Master degree in OR, Dual degree in OR, and Minor degree in OR. Interested students must submit an application for admission to the Chair of the OR Program and meet the necessary course requirements. Relevant information can be found at: http://www.or.psu.edu/.

Master of Statistics

Those pursing a Ph.D. in statistics or who are enrolled in another Ph.D. program at Penn State may consider obtaining a concurrent MS degree in statistics. We do not offer an MS degree on its own and those students interested only in obtaining such a degree should apply to our MAS program. Our MS degree is designed to support Ph.D. students and thus has a substantial research component unlike the MAS.

Graduate Minor in Statistics

Our graduate minor in statistics provides a broad perspective on the fundamentals that will demonstrate capability in statistics and add depth to study in many disciplines. The minor is designed to be more compact than the full MS degree and with no research component. It is intended to support students in other disciplines that require a basic working knowledge of statistics for their own work.