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Master of Applied Statistics Outstanding Student Award

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The Outstanding MAS Student Award was established with funds contributed by Dr. William Harkness in 2007.

The award is presented each year to the student or students in recognition of their outstanding performance in the Masters of Applied Statistics program. The M.A.S. faculty committee conducts a review of each qualified nominee submitting their selection to the Head of the Statistics Department for final review and selection.

The selection guideline includes the following:
Course work performance (in particular performance in the Statistical Consulting Practicum course)
Leadership activities designed to enhance the student community within the Statistics Department
A minimum GPA requirement of 3.7

The selected "Outstanding M.A.S. Student" will receive a certificate of outstanding achievement and a cash prize.


List of graduates who received Outstanding MAS Student Award

2018   Lejiao Wang

2017   Hayley Brittingham and Lizhao Ge

2016   Emily Wasserman

2015   Benjamin Taylor

2014   Yue Lu

2013   Andrea Berger and Hortense Fong 

2012   Mengzhao Gao

2011   Laura James

2010   Jian Qian

2009   Colt Viehdorfer

2008   Kristen Horn

2007   Lin Li