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Advising General Information and Appointments

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Students majoring in Statistics (Statistics is your primary major) should contact their assigned adviser.  For students exploring Statistics as a major or students without an assigned adviser please email Amy Lyn Schmoeller at .

Answers to most of your advising questions can be found by reading the following information. 

How can I declare Statistics as a second major on LionPATH?
You need to complete a concurrent degree form (one can be found on our web page or you can obtain one through your primary major).  Please note that your current major needs to sign the form before statistics can.

The Stat 460 course I have taken is no longer eligible for a statistics minor. Will I have to take Stat 461, which is now the eligible course, instead?
Please go to the statistics web page under education undergraduate advising forms and petitions and print off a petition for a course substitution and substitute STAT 460 for STAT 461. You can drop the petition off to Amy Lyn Schmoeller in 323 Thomas.

Can I substitute STAT 250 for STAT 200 for a Statistics Major?
The simple answer is Yes you can.

What are the steps I can take to declare statistics as my minor?

The information for the requirements is on the Statistics web page.  Also, you can declare the minor on LionPATH by going to Update Academics.

What requirements do I need to have to transfer into the statistics major?
You need to have Math 140 and Math 141 completed with at least a "C" and have a cumulative grade point average above a 2.00.

I want to double major in Math and Statistics and I am currently a Math major. How can I combine these majors?
It is common for students to major in both Math and Statistics. However, there are limitations on the Math/Stat combination in the Statistics Applied Option. Neither the Mathematics major nor the Six Sigma minor can be used to satisfy the minor/concurrent major requirement in the Applied Option. Students who major in Statistics with the Actuarial Option and who wish to complete a concurrent major in Mathematics may NOT choose the Actuarial Mathematics option in Mathematics. Any other option in Mathematics is acceptable.

I need to finish the requirements for my statistics minor, but the class I need is full. How can I gain access to the course I need?
Students must add their name to the waitlist then check with the course instructor on day one of the class if they have not been able to enroll.

Are college of business actuarial science majors allowed to minor in statistics?
Yes, This is permissible and for some majors, the minor is as simple as taking STAT 480.

How can I transfer credits from another institution?

You need to provide Penn State documentation that indicates that the course(s) were accepted by Penn State.  If they came in exactly as Penn State courses, then they will automatically show up on your degree audit. If they came in as general credits, then the course departments need to evaluate the syllabus and declare that they are the same.

How can I verify if a course I took in High School will substitute a required course for my major?
The course description can be taken to admissions. They also have a web page that has commonly transferred courses. The other route would be to take the course description to the department and they can evaluate it for you. However, none of this is official until you have the course transcript sent to PSU.