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Don Richards quoted in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette

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"$600 million Powerball jackpost attracts a crowd" was the headline in an article by Alex Zimmerman looking at the odds of winning the Jackpot.

"There's a much darker side to the lottery. People's lives can be damaged if not ruined," noting that larger drawings don't tend to be as problematic as smaller games because there aren't as many opportunities for gambling addicts to obsessively play.

Still, many figure spending $2 on a Powerball ticket for a chance at winning hundreds of millions isn't much of a risk, but Penn State statistics Professor Donald Richards thinks it's a lost investment.

"It encourages people to hope to be hit by lightning," he said. "It's not two dollars you've lost. It's two dollars and all the investment income that two dollars could have generated over the course of a lifetime."

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