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SMILES Project recognized at "We are Mathematics" Conference

Dennis Pearl, Bob Carey and Larry Lesser win NSF award.

Alex Chen receives the Patil-Taille Award

Alex Chen receives the Patil-Taille Award

The Patil-Taille Award was established in 2014. The purpose of the award is to honor and recognize an undergraduate student who has demonstrated forethought and application of the use of statistics in the study of the environment.

2019 Clogg Lecture with Michael Sobel

Michael Sobel is a professor at Columbia University, Department of Statistics.

Hillary Koch, a PhD student awarded the NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Award

Presented by the National Institute of Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) for her dissertation research proposal "Statistical methods for differential peak detection in Hi-C data". This research is sponsored by Dr. Qunhua Li and co-sponsored by Dr. Ross Hardison.

Debmalya Nandy awarded first place at the Penn State Graduate Exhibit

This year more than 200 graduate students registered for the Graduate Exhibition which included 197 graduate student participants in the research poster presentation option.

2019 Rao Prize Conference 

The Department of Statistics at Penn State held a one-day conference on Monday, May 6, 2019, to honor Professor Grace Wahba, the 2019 C. R. and Bhargavi Rao Prize Recipient, Professor Tailen Hsing, the 2019 C. G. Khatri Lecturer, and Professor Doug Nychka, the 2019 P. R. Krishnaiah Lecturer.

Xiufan Yu receives the Science for Social Good Fellowship

Xiufan will develop statistical and machine learning methods working towards new societal challenges

Kyongwon Kim awarded "Best Student Paper"

Kyongwon Kim won the best student paper award at the American Statistical Association’s Business and Economics section, for his paper titled “On post dimension reduction statistical inference”. Kyongwon's advisor is Bing Li.

Shiny App Showcase of 36 Apps developed by Statistics Students

Each year, ten Penn State Statistics majors take part in Dennis Pearl’s Shiny app research program. On Tuesday, November 13th in room 110 Thomas Building beginning at 5:15 p.m., Dr. Pearl and his students will present a showcase of these applications for the statistics faculty. The showcase offers the statistics faculty a closer look at teaching tools for stat students developed by stat students.

The Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Celebrates 50 Years with a Documentary Film

The documentary film tentatively called "Publish or Perish, A&A 50 Years Young" is the work of Dr. Maarten Roos a planetary scientist and filmmaker in celebration of the Journal.

Oral Microbiota May Predict Obesity Risk

Weight gain trajectories in early childhood are related to the composition of oral bacteria of two-year-old children, suggesting that this understudied aspect of a child’s microbiota — the collection of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, residing in the mouth — could serve as an early indicator for childhood obesity.

G. Jogesh Babu receives Jerome Sacks Award for Outstanding Cross-Disciplinary Research

G. Jogesh Babu, receives Jerome Sacks award at 2018 JSM Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Amal Agarwal wins best paper award from Risk Prediction and Analysis section

Amal Agarwal wins best paper award from Risk Prediction and Analysis section

Amal Agarwal received "Best Paper" award from the Risk Prediction and Analysis sections for his paper entitled "Model-Based Clustering of Nonparametric Weighted Networks with Application to Water Pollution Analysis"

Xiufan Yu wins best paper award from Business and Economic Statistions

Xiufan Yu wins best paper award from Business and Economic Statistions

Xiufan Yu received "Best Paper" award from the Business and Economic Statistics section for her paper entitled "Nonparametric Estimation of Sufficient Forecasting using High-Dimensional Predictors"

2018 Clogg Lecture with Robert M. Groves

Robert M. Groves is the Gerard J. Campbell, S.J. Professor in the Math and Statistics Department as well as the Sociology Department at Georgetown University where he has served as the Executive Vice President and Provost since 2012.

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