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Ephraim Hanks awarded the Early Investigator Award at JSM

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Ephraim Hanks joins Ben Shaby and Murali Haran, Penn State Statistics Department previous winners. Penn State researchers have been awarded this medal three out of the past four years.

Early Investigator Award Recepients

Environmental Statistics is an interdisciplinary endeavor. As such, outstanding contributions may go unrecognized because they are outside the boundaries of traditional fields. The Distinguished Achievement Medal and Early Investigator Award (formerly called the Young Investigator Award) from the ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment (ENVR) are intended to recognize these outstanding contributions.

The ENVR initiated awards of Distinguished Achievement Medals and Early Investigator Awards largely to highlight and emphasize the cross-disciplinary focus of statistics and the environment. The awards focus on the recognition of outstanding contributions to the development of methods, issues, concepts, applications, and the initiatives of environmental statistics inclusive of the formulational and foundational effort. Emphasis is placed on categories descriptive of multiple disciplines, activities, and age groups across academic, government, and industrial statisticians and statistical scientists engaged in statistics and the environment. Early Investigator Awards intended to encourage greater participation and study in statistics and the environment are also integral features of this initiative.

A committee appointed by the Chair of ENVR will make the selection. The Committee considers for awards only those members for whom nominations have been submitted. Committee members do not offer nominations themselves, but encourage you to make a thorough search for good candidates.  Criteria for receiving an award are discussed on the nominations page.

The Distinguished Achievement Medals are antique bronze with the Section's logo die-stamped on one side and ASA's logo on the opposite side. Each medal is awarded with a colored ribbon and a certificate of achievement. The Distinguished Achievement Medals and Early Investigator Awards are awarded at a special event at the evening reception following the annual Section Business Meeting at the Joint Statistical Meetings.

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