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Listing of personnel in the Penn State Statistics Department including name, phone number and email address
Name Title Interests
Akritas, Michael Professor Non-parametricsFactorial DesignsTestingHigh-Dimensional Data Modeling
Babu, Jogesh Distinguished Professor BootstrapAstrostatisticsStatistics for Big DataAsymptotic Methods
Bagyan, Armine Assistant Teaching Professor
Bao, Le Associate Professor Computational StatisticsBayesian statisticsMachine learningInfectious Diseases DynamicsBioinformatics
Beckman, Matthew Assistant Research Professor, Chair of Undergraduate Studies Industrial StatisticsEducational AssessmentStatistics Education
Buchanan, Patricia Associate Teaching Professor Statistics and STEM education
Bulathsinhala, Priyangi Assistant Teaching Professor
Chiaromonte, Francesca Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Statistics for the Life Sciences High-dimensional and undersampled dataBioinformaticsDimension ReductionGenomicsApplications in MeteorologyRegression And Multivariate Methods
Chow, Mosuk Research Professor BiostatisticsStatistical Decision Theory
Fang, Ethan Xingyuan Assistant Professor Machine learning
Greatrex, Helen Assistant Professor of Geography and Statistics
Guo, Xu Assistant Research Professor
Hammel, Tracey Assistant Teaching Professor
Hanks, Ephraim Associate Professor, Chair of Graduate Studies Spatio-Temporal StatisticsApplications to Ecology and Epidemiology
Haran, Murali Professor and Department Head Computational StatisticsInfectious Diseases DynamicsSpatial StatisticsApplications in geosciencesComplex Computer Models
Hatfield, Neil Assistant Research Professor
Haubrick, John Instructor
Hunter, David Professor, Director of Online Programs Computational StatisticsNetwork AnalysisMixture models
Kent, Thomas
Kim, Jung In Assistant Research Professor
Kuruppumullage Don, Prabhani Assistant Research Professor, Assistant Director of Online Programs Computational StatisticsBioinformatics
Lan, Zhou Lindsay Visiting Assistant Professor Non-parametricsSpatial Statistics
Li, Bing Willaman Chair Professor in Statistics Dimension Reduction and High-Dimensional DataEstimating Equations and Semiparametric InferenceStatistical Networks And Graphical Models
Li, Danning Lindsay Visiting Assistant Professor
Li, Jia Professor Data MiningStatistical LearningImage Analysis
Li, Qunhua Associate Professor Bioinformatics Latent Variable ModelsGenomicsMachine Learning Techniques
Li, Runze Eberly Family Chair in Statistics, Associate Department Head Non-parametricsBioinformaticsAnalysis of High-Dimensional Complex DataFeature Screening and SelectionStatistical Applications
Lin, Dennis Distinguished Professor Statistics for Big DataIndustrial StatisticsQuality Assurance And Six SigmaDimensional Analysis
Lin, Lynn Assistant Professor Bayesian statisticsComputational and Mathematical Biology Latent Variable Models
Lord, Bruce Assistant Teaching Professor Survey Design and AnalysisEconomic ForecastingNatural Resource Measurements
Ma, Yanyuan Professor Dimension Reduction
Molinari, Roberto Lindsay Visiting Assistant Professor
Morgan, Kari Lock Assistant Professor Causal InferenceStatistics Education
Morton, Jason Assistant Professor Applied Algebraic Geometry and Tensor Networks in Statistics
Niu, Xiaoyue Associate Research Professor Bayesian statistics Latent Variable ModelsMultivariate AnalysisNetwork models
Paret, Michelle Teaching Lecturer Industrial Statistics
Pearl, Dennis Research Professor, Director of CAUSE Biostatistics Educational Statistics
Philtron, Daisy Assistant Research Professor
Reimherr, Matthew Associate Professor Functional Data AnalysisLongitudinal Analysis
Richards, Donald Professor Multivariate AnalysisSpecial FunctionsRepresentation Theory and Harmonic Analysisprobability Inequalities
Roths, Scott Associate Teaching Professor Multiple Testing
Shelton, Cecil Lecturer
Shook, Jenny Teaching Lecturer Statistics and STEM education
Slavkovic, Aleksandra Professor, Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Eberly College of Science Statistical Disclosure LimitationAlgebraic StatisticsApplications in Social Sciences
Sriperumbudur, Bharath Assistant Professor Non-parametricsMachine learningStatistical LearningAsymptotic MethodsConsistency of Regression Estimatorsprobability Inequalities
Tak, Hyungsuk Assistant Professor Computational StatisticsBayesian statisticsAstrostatistics
Wiesner, Andrew Associate Teaching Professor Educational StatisticsEducational AssessmentSports Statistics
Xue, Lingzhou Associate Professor Network AnalysisStatistical LearningHigh-Dimensional DataLarge-Scale OptimizationGraphical Models
Zhao, Zhibiao Associate Professor Non-parametricsTime SeriesFinancial EconometricsLongitudinal AnalysisQuantile Regression
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