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Megan Romer

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  • Assistant Teaching Professor


  1. Ph.D., Statistics, 2009, The Pennsylvania State University.
  2. M.S., Statistics, 2002, The Pennsylvania State University.
  3. B.S., Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Economics, Statistics Minor, summa cum laude with distinction, 2000, State University of New York at Oswego.


Megan Romer is currently a lecturer for Penn State World Campus.  Megan Romer’s main interest is in teaching statistics. She has been teaching online since 2009 when she earned her doctorate from Penn State's Department of Statistics. She enjoys discussing statistical concepts and problems with students. Before returning to school to finish her doctorate, Megan worked in clinical trials as a senior research support associate. Megan Romer’s primary area of research is in incomplete data.

Teaching Experience:

Fall 2019:

  • STAT 510,   Applied Time Series Analysis
  • STAT 200, Elementary Statistics

 Summer 2007 - Fall 2019:

  • STAT 100,  Statistical Concepts and Reasoning (Summer/Fall 2007, 2008 Spring, 2009 Fall - 2013 Fall)
  • STAT 200,  Elementary Statistics (Fall 2008-present)
  • STAT 484, Topics in R Statistical Language (Fall 2012, Fall 2013)
  • STAT 500,  Applied Statistics (Summer 2014-Fall 2018)
  • STAT 501, Regression Methods (Spring 2016)
  • STAT 505, Applied Multivariate Analysis (Spring 2018)
  • STAT 510,   Applied Time Series Analysis (Spring 2011 - present)
  • STAT 580,   Statistical Consulting (Spring, Fall 2015)
  • STAT 897D, Applied Data Mining (Spring 2014)

Selected Publications

Romer, M., Richards, D. (2013). Finite-sample inference with monotone incomplete multivariate normal data, III: Hotelling’s T 2-statistic, Statistical Modeling, 13, 431--457.

Yamada, T., Romer, M., Richards, D. (2015). Kurtosis tests for multivariate normality with monotone incomplete data, TEST, 24 (3), 532-557.

Romer, M., Richards, D. (2010). Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Mean of a Multivariate Normal Population with Monotone Incomplete Data, Statistics and Probability Letters, 80 (17-18), 1284-1288.

Romer, M. M., (2009). The Statistical Analysis of Monotone Incomplete Multivariate Normal Data. Doctoral Dissertation, Penn State University.

Constantinescu, R., Romer, M., Zetterberg, H., Rosengren, L., Kieburtz, K., (2011). Increased levels of total tau protein in the cerebrospinal fluid in Huntington's disease. Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, 17 (9), 714-715.

Constantinescu, R., Romer, M., Oakes, D., Rosengren, L., and Kieburtz, K. (2009). Levels of the light subunit of neurofilament triplet protein in cerebrospinal fluid in Huntington’s disease. Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, 15 (3), 245--248.

Ravina, B., Romer, M., Constantinescu, R., Biglan, K., Brocht, A., Kieburtz, K. Shoulson, I., McDermott, M. (2008).  The relationship between CAG repeat length and clinical progression in Huntington's disease, Movement Disorders, 23 (9), 1223-1227.

Constantinescu, R., Romer, M., McDermott, M., Kamp, C., Kieburtz, K. etc. (2007).  Impact of Pramipexole on the onset of levodopa-related dyskinesias, Movement Disorders, 22 (9), 1317-1319.

Constantinescu, R., Romer, M., Kieburtz, K., DATATOP Investigators of the Parkinson Study Group (2007).  Malignant melanoma in early Parkinson's disease:  The DATATOP trial, Movement Disorders, 22 (5), 720-722.

Hillemeier, M., Weisman, C., Chase, G., Romer, M., (2006).  Preterm delivery and low birthweight among rural women:  The importance of the preconception physical and mental health status, Rural Women's Health, 5, 83-105.

The Huntington Study Group PHAROS Investigators - Steering Committee, (2006).  At risk for Huntington disease:  The PHAROS (Prospective Huntington At Risk Observational Study) cohort enrolled, Arch Neurol, 63: 991-998.


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